Friday, December 9, 2016


Hmmm.... Last Friday's Man Candy was pretty spectacular. What to dazzle you with to launch you into your weekend? I came up with this because of a little girl who was naughty. No... Not what you're all thinking you dirty birds!!! My niece! She's 3 years old and the most adorable little Diva. My sister bought an elf on the shelf to try and keep the little mischievous Diva in line with stories of Santa and the North Pole and teaching her all about Santa's naughty list. Some days have been great while others... er... not so much. Little Miss Diva jumps out of bed every morning now looking for the elf, Jamie to see if she has a prize for her. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn't one of Miss Diva's better days and I received this from my sister:

😂 😂😂😂😂 Gotta love my sister! She is such a genius! I can't wait to find out what Miss Diva's reaction was. LOL. So now you understand my inspiration for this week's Man Candy! Weird that a naughty (but oh so lovable) 3 year old's naughty antics could inspire her auntie in such a strange way. Ha Ha!  Enjoy!

Rock the weekend, Ya'll!

Kathleen 💋

Enjoy your weekend!

Kathleen 💋

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