Friday, December 16, 2016


It's FRIDAY!!! You know what that means.... Man Candy! Woot! I saw this guy and immediately thought of my character in my 3rd book in my Dating Series that I'm currently working on, Foster Brooks. The book is titled Dating Trouble and will be released next year.  He's a good old boy from Georgia.

Here's a sneak peek of my heroine and hero from Dating Trouble...


Why was Kyle being such a prick about this? They’d had a good time together, hadn’t they? Well, until he’d started getting too clingy. Why did guys have to turn into barnacles and ruin a good thing? She wasn’t one of those chicks that liked to snuggle or talk after sex. Usually, the guys she hooked up with liked that about her. Usually… An irritated sigh escaped her and she increased her already brisk pace.

Over and over her thoughts raced, clashed, and tumbled winding her into a frenzy. Ambra gulped in air as the pressure built within her chest as a panic attack threatened to overwhelm her. When was the last time she’d had a fucking panic attack? Not in several years. Not since she’d gotten her shit together and left her old life behind for good. A hand grasped her shoulder. Kyle! In her agitation and anger she spun around and her fist delivered her best right hook to a perfectly sculpted jaw.

Ow! Jesus H Christ, Sugar! I didn’t mean to startle you. Kyle told me that you’re supposed to show me around this place.”

His southern drawl reminded her of her hometown in Georgia and was vaguely familiar. Ambra blinked. Her hand throbbed. She shook it and moved the fingers gingerly. Nothing seemed to be broken, but… Her gaze flew to the face her fist had kissed harshly. She stared at her knuckles then at the guy, mortified. His head was bent down as he rubbed his cheek. A beat up old Atlanta Braves cap shielded his face.

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else. Well, not that that matters, but I truly am sorry. I shouldn’t have let him under my skin.” She exhaled a slow breath and fought for control. Her emotions were on one of the worst roller coasters of her entire life. First daddy showing up and drinking himself to death in front of her just like he had right after momma died; and now all this bullshit at work, which had been her only solace lately. “Are you ok?”

“You haven’t changed a bit,” he said in that same slow accent that twisted her stomach with trepidation as recognition struck her hard in the chest and sent a fresh shock of adrenaline through her heart.

Oh, no. It couldn’t be. Please don’t let it be…

Ambra stared, probably with her jaw on the floor, as the ball cap lifted and his face came into view. The prayer of ‘please no’ died inside her mind as his features matched that oh so sexy voice. A voice she had never forgotten no matter how much she’d tried over the years. Ambra was instantly transported back in time to high school. Shock infused her senses as his name whispered through her mind. Foster Brookes, the boy she was supposed to meet under the football field bleachers the night she’d run away from home. Idealistic and fancying herself in love, she’d been about to ask him to leave with her. Only, he’d never showed. He was her first kiss… her first dance… well, her first everything.

Reality slammed into her. What had he said? You haven’t changed a bit. Ambra crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her gaze. “Yes. I. Have,” she said, punctuating each word. She was no longer the pathetic white trash from that wretched trailer park in Southern Georgia. She’d even trained herself to speak without the telltale hick accent that only prompted people to ask her where she was from and dredge up memories she worked hard to forget. Resentment burned. Why did he have to show up now and remind her of things better left long buried? First her father, now Foster. What the hell have I done to Karma to deserve this bullshit? She stared at the man, remembering that one summer that had changed her forever.

One dark brow lifted at her reply. “Bad day, Sugar?”


If you're interested in reading the first two books in my Dating Series you can find them here:

That's all I have for now... Enjoy your weekend!

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