Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Good morning and happy Hump Day!! It's time for your weekly tease, the brain child of Angelica Dawson. A special thanks to Angelica for hosting us each week. This week's tease comes from my yet untitled wip.  My Phoenix just found out her sexual powers of persuasion aren't working on her new assignment and now we are in my exiled Navy doctor's point of view...this is unedited so please be kind. :)

Sam stared at the beautiful creature before him; anger and lust a heady combination. He struggled to keep balance. No way in hell did he need this…this whatever the fuck she was to remind him of the events that had led him to his ostracism from society. The details of which were none of her fucking business. The accusations of the U.S. government that had ended in a court marshal and dishonorable discharge from the Navy he’d given his entire life to had crushed him. The disappointment and accusation in his father’s gaze the last time he’d seen him rose before in Sam’s memory. Sam shook his head to clear it of the ugliness of that day. No matter how hard he’d tried to explain that his classified lab research had been stolen, used to murder thousands of innocent people in the South Pacific. The only thing that had saved him from being thrown in the brink was the lack of concrete evidence to prove Sam was the one at fault. But he knew. Knew the truth of what had happened.

His gaze shifted to the creature before him. She rubbed her wrists, confusion in her eyes. Eyes the color of a polished Tiger’s Eye—alternating bands of rich yellow and golden brown. Ghastly purplish marks marred her creamy skin from where he’d grabbed her. Guilt tore through his gut along with an undercurrent of surprise. He hadn’t expected this being to be vulnerable. She’d exuded nothing but confidence and oozed seductive power since she’d shown up here unannounced. Something deep inside him softened.

“I’m sorry.” He scraped a hand through his damp hair. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” His voice sounded rusty from disuse, even to his own ears. Evidence of just how alone he’d been for so long. “Agent…whatever your name is. Your Council’s problems aren’t my concern. So leave,” he ground out. “Now.”

“Wilder,” she said and smiled. Confident mask in place once more. “Agent Tatum Wilder, Captain Murphy.”

A simple curve of her lips and Sam’s knees nearly buckled. A warmth and sunny brilliance shone through. Wilder… The name suited her, he thought. Sam remembered the scent of her as she’d stood so near, touching him. She smelled of sunshine, pure, natural radiant sunshine. Sam did a double take. What the hell did sunshine even smell like? He wasn’t making any sense. Damn succubus or whatever the fuck she was must have scrambled his brains a bit when she’d touched him.

He stiffened his spine and held his footing in a weak attempt to keep his knees from buckling. Never in his life had he witnessed anything so beautiful. She reached out and caressed his bearded cheek with tentative fingers. Dimly, wondered how’d she’d gotten so close to him. Hadn’t he just shoved her across the room? An undercurrent of electricity pulsed through her fingertips.

“This isn’t exactly how this was supposed to play out. I had envisioned a night of hot, steamy sex, wrought with nothing but pleasure,” she said. Regret colored her words. “But since my powers of seduction aren’t working on you,” she dropped her hand and mumbled something under her breath that sounded like “damn atchoo”. She turned and planted herself on his couch and flipped her long fiery hair over her shoulder. “Guess we will have to do this the old fashioned way,” she grumbled, clearly put out. “Will you at least listen carefully to what I have to say?”

She’d lost him at hot, steamy sex.


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Kathleen 💋


Angelica Dawson said...

How like a man. Their mind is drawn down one path, isn't it? LOL

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes, Lol. But he has been isolated for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I just bet she lost him there. Great tease, Kathleen :-)

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks Doris!

Ravenna Tate said...

Fabulous tease!