Monday, January 24, 2011


Today, I'm going to highlight Brenda Novak's online auction for diabetes research.  I recently received an email asking me to donate something for the May, 2011 auction.

This auction runs from May first to May 31st, midnight to midnight.  Some of the rock stars of the publishing world have donated in the past some awesome stuff for very lucky winners!  Back in 2008, I donated a weekend tea at the Phoenician Hotel and Resort for four guests.

So, I'm wracking my brain to try and figure out what to donate this year.  Since electronic devices are so popular....I'm leaning toward something like that along with a critique of a proposal--query, synopsis, and first three chapters of a manuscript.

I recently did a post on "paying it forward..."  So, here is your chance to do so!  Here are some ideas of what peeps can donate taken directly from the email I received:

An author critique (the details are completely up to you)

A gift basket themed around your book/s

A collection of autographed books

Coffee, Lunch or Drinks with you at RWA National (if attending)

Or perhaps you'd like to join forces with other authors and donate:

A group gift basket

Electronic items (iPads, iPods, Kindles, are always extremely popular)

Group critiques...

Whatever you'd be interested in donating, we'd be thrilled to have.

As always, we're happy to provide more details or answer any questions you might have. Please contact Anna Stewart at and she'll get back to you ASAP.

For more information about Brenda's auction, here is the direct link from her website: 

So...get involved!  It's a simple, fast easy way to "pay it forward..."

Have a great Monday!

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