Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello all! How's the new year treating everyone so far? The end of one year with all of the holiday fan fair has winded down. This includes all of the food drives. The bell ringers for the Salvation Army are no longer hanging outside of grocery stores. The local radio station's Christmas Wish is dormant until next year...

But I'd like to remind everyone, that people still need help out there. If you'd like to, and have the means during these tight economic times, you can still continue to help others who have fallen on hard times. Here's how....

The Biggest Loser created this challenge to help local food banks all across America.  It is simple.  For every pound of weight that you pledge to lose, they will donate 11 cents to Feeding America.  Kind of cool, huh?  You get to get healthy, and while you do it, you get the good feeling of knowing you're doing something wonderful for the community!  To learn more, go to http://www.pfpchallenge.com/

Now, if you're not into health and fitness, you can always show support for our troops by wearing a red shirt every Friday.  This was started by Country Singer, George Strait.  To find out more details, you can go to this website: http://www.redshirtfridays.org/    It's  a nice way to let others know that you care and are thinking about them.

Donate your time.  Area hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters... all could use your help! If you live in the Phoenix area, here is a list of places to volunteer:

Association of Arizona Food Banks~ their website has all the info you need: http://www.azfoodbanks.org/

Here's a list of homeless shelters in the Phoenix area:

~The Respite Shelter for Homeless Men 602-870-4353
7000 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Recommended Shelter

~Watkins overflow
1120 w watkins
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Recommended Shelter

~Homeward Bound (602) 263-7654
2.13 miles from city center Phoenix
2302 W. Colter
Pheonix, AZ 85015

Homebase Youth Services 602-263-7773
931 East Devonshire Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85014

~Homebase Youth Svc 602-263-7773
931 E Devonshire Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85014

~Greater Phoenix Interfaith Hospitality Network (602) 294-0222
546 E. Osborn Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

~Family Promise of Grtr Phoenix 602-294-0222
546 E Osborn Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85012

~House Of Refuge Sunnyslope 602-678-0223
9835 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85020

~Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development - Young Adult Program (602) 468-2417
2344 E. Earl Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85016

~YWCA of Maricopa County 602-258-0990
755 East Willetta Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006

~Haven House (602) 258-0990
755 E. Willetta St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

The above pic is a little bit outdated, but I think you get the idea...local area hospitals are always looking for volunteers, as well.  Back in the day, they were called candy stripers...now we just call them volunteers.  Irregardless of the name, they are invaluable in saving staff time by doing designated tasks.  This frees up the time of the nurses and nursing assistants involved in direct patient care. 

If you don't have any time to volunteer, just give someone out there a helping hand now and again.  Your efforts will not go unnoticed and definitely will be appreciated by all.

Have a GREAT Wednesday!

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