Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's a busy start for the new year!  I'm currently working on editing one manuscript, writing its sequel, and working on story ideas for the third book in the series.  All of this while working my regular job and sticking to my health and fitness routine which I purposely started before the new year began so it wouldn't be a "New Year's Resolution".

In addition, starting this Sunday, I will be participating (religiously, I hope) in the Six Sentence Sunday blog.  Yeah!  I'm really excited about that one.  It was a challenge for me to come up with the first post because just choosing six sentences that grab a reader's attention without adding all the other filler stuff in was difficult.  Hopefully, it will become easier in time.

My brilliant sister, Rebecca, is currently re-designing my website.  It will be loaded somehow (I'm not really techy, so the rest escapes me) and I should be able to load content onto it without difficulty.  I have my doubts about this...but it will definitely be a work in progress...

I'm judging a writing contest, so those entries should be arriving via email soon. 

As a registered nurse, it is time to get my license and recertifications renewed this year.  ACLS~ my advanced cardiac life support and BLS~ basic life support certs expire this year.  I also am required to add a new one, too.  PALS~ pediatric advanced life support (a two day class) is required now because I help out in the pediatric recovery room.

All, in is going to be a very productive month!  What are you doing this year?  Are you starting off on the right track? Is your "to do" list crammed, like mine?  

My list may be tight, but I find I do much better under pressure.  If deadlines are too far off, I tend to procrastinate, thinking I have all this "time" to get the job done.  

I'm all signed up for my classes, my writing is on schedule, and I'm pleased to be productive!

Happy Thursday!



Dee Ann W said...

Kathleen, I want your motivation! I'm working on a book that I started for NaNo and for the first time I reached the goal of 50,000 words! I've also started painting my bedroom; nothing simple for me--tan strips and an accent wall. Theme is calm and relaxing. I'm hooked on the Do-it-Yourself Network and my next project is to redo the kitchen and dining room floors with stone tiles which I have purchased already along with the necessary tools and safety equipment.

Unknown said...

You go, Dee Ann! House renovations are not easy, but the results are often rewarding. GREAT job on reaching your Nano goal! That is an achievement in itself. I believe we all make our own day at a time!