Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Morning! Kind of a cool picture, huh?  Since I'm doing these last couple of posts on eyeball stuff you might've guessed that I'm up for eye surgery.  Yes, I decided the ICL surgery would be best for me.  I have a spot on my left eye either from a past infection or some injury (bad patient that I am, couldn't tell the doctor what happened--that goes under the label of "poor historian" LOL) where scar tissue has formed.  It has been there for about 6 years now.  Never changes, but there is some vascularization there. 

Why is this significant?  Because the cornea doesn't have any blood/nerve vessels.  My doctor says that is why Lasik surgery works so well--no bleeding or pain involved.  However, if I had chosen to do lasik (where a laser re-shapes the cornea to correct my vision),  I would be at a higher risk for bleeding and possible postop complications. 

That is one reason why I have chosen to have the ICL surgery that I posted about yesterday.  This morning completes the rest of my preop testing and they are going to concentrate on the retina.  I recently read somewhere--so much literature to review, I have no idea where I saw this, but without a healthy retina, the eye is like a camera without film.  A very cool analogy!

The retina is an important structure because it receives the light rays from the front of the eye and sends them through the optic nerve, where in turn, everything gets sent to the brain and processed into images.  Sounds simple enough. 

In order to see the retina, my eyes will need to be dialated--again.  Not fun. At least when I'm done there this morning, I get to go to bed, since I'm working the night before the appointment.  What they are looking for are any holes or tears in my retina.  So, if all is well, my surgery will proceed on February 7th.

Looks like I will have a new set of peepers, soon! 

Have a great Wednesday! 


Dee Ann said...

Is this like lasik and is what is the recovery time? Good luck!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks, Dee Ann. No not like lasik at all. Yesterday's post had a little video of how they implant the lens. It's animated, so no gorry stuff, if you'd like to check it out.