Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Isn't this a gorgeous cover?  I'm bringing back my "Author Spotlight" section of my blog.  My first featured author of the year is Sharon Buchbinder!  She has a new upcoming release, titled, "Desire and Deception" which she explains about in her own words below:  

Similar in heat levels to noir movies like Body Heat and The Postman Always Rings Twice, my first novel, erotic thriller Desire and Deception differs because it ends on an upbeat note. In Desire and Deception, polar opposite sex siren Isabel (Izzy) Ramirez and goody-two-shoes Sarah Wright-Rosen become fast friends and seem destined to be BFFs until Izzy’s terrible secret is unearthed--literally and figuratively. Convinced that she is unworthy of redemption, Izzy goes down a take no prisoners’ path, halted only by her younger lover, Sean Richards. Izzy discovers the redemptive power of love and realizes that she can change, despite her horrific past.

For her part, Sarah discovers shades of gray in her formerly black and white world and learns the powers of forgiveness and love can transform not only how she sees the world, but also her own self-image. In the end, Izzy becomes more like “good girl” Sarah--and Sarah becomes more like her “bad girl” friend. Izzy is the larger than life embodiment of all that is forbidden to “good girls”: she embraces her sexuality and desires and takes control of her life and the men in it--and pleases herself. Sarah is “everywoman”: she works hard, plays by the rules, collaborates and works by consensus--and wants to please others.

This binary, yes/no reasoning is faulty, but I believe many women struggle with this duality in our lives. The question is not to be or not to be, but who are we supposed to be versus who do we want to be? Our role models may or may not be good ones, depending on how healthy our parents’ upbringing was. If you come from a dysfunctional household, one with crime spoken daily, can you break out of that mold? Or are you ever going to be able to explode from those constraints? Likewise, if your home appeared to be the epitome of perfection to the outside world, but was hell behind closed doors, can you ever overcome the damages of a self-righteous hypocrite?

As seen with Izzy and Sarah, with love and honest relationships we can grow into who we want to be, not who we think we should be. On behalf of Izzy and Sarah who have been badgering me to tell their stories for quite some time now, I hope you will look for Desire and Deception on April 1, 2011 when it comes out with Red Sage Publishing.

Thanks, Sharon for taking the time to visit us today!  Congratulations on your new book!  This sounds like a fascinating read!  Definitely going in my TBR pile!  Everyone look for it at  April first!  Tod read more about Sharon you can go to these links:

Happy Wednesday!


tonilane said...

this sounds exciting

Joya Fields said...

Love the cover, love the name Izzy, love the gun in her hand and love the concept behind this book. What's not to love? Can't wait to read it. LOL! :)

Sharon Buchbinder said...

@Toni--It is, believe me! LOL!
@Joya--Thanks! I can't wait for you to read it, too!

Loni Lynne said...

When I see a book for the first time (on the shelf) the cover grabs my attention right off and this one is IT!!!

Love it, Sharon and the plot sounds so intriguing and deep. Can't wait!

Kathleen Grieve said...

I agree about the covers. It us the first thing that grabs my attention, too. And this one is especially awesome. It's going to be a fabulous read without a doubt!

Sharon Buchbinder said...

Thanks, Kathleen! =]

Sharon Buchbinder said...

Hi Loni--

Thanks for your comment. I think romance readers are smart and savvy and want a book with interesting characters, strong plot, and layers to the story--like a good dessert. I hope you enjoy the read!