Saturday, February 19, 2011


Thanks for stopping by to read my Six!  I will definitely get to yours after I get up later.  My comments always get delayed because of my work schedule.  Sorry!  Seems I'm always working... Now this week's post has nothing to do with the picture...I just thought it was Super Hot! I'm sure my fireman badboy Jett Avery won't mind it!  Thought I'd follow up from last week's post.  Sorry about the length, but I couldn't figure out where to cut!  The hanky panky going on between Roxanne and Jett made them late to a BBQ...and Jett's Mom, (she is a little unconventional) Daisy--who like's her boys to call her by her first name, is not happy about the delay in his arrival...

 “How’s the most beautiful woman in the world tonight?”

“She’s very unhappy that you’re late,” she said as he set her down on her feet. “You were supposed to be here early to help your dad and brother set up the tables and chairs,” she admonished. “And why do you smell like lilacs?”

“Lilacs?” He sniffed his shirt. “I don’t smell like lilacs.”

His mother stood on her tiptoes, grabbed his shoulders forcing him in a stooped position, and inhaled deeply. “Yes. You do. I know my flowers, Jett. So don’t try to BS me. The smell is so strong it’s like you’ve been bathing in the stuff.”

Daisy’s intense glare went from Roxanne to Jett, then back again. “Why, exactly, are you late?”

“Well…” he swallowed.

“It’s my fault, Mrs. Avery.” Roxanne’s lips tilted into a tentative smile, although the expression aimed at Jett clearly screamed I’m not getting involved with this cooky family.

“I know dear.” She gave Roxanne a wink. “But I want to hear from Jett that sex with you is more important than being at the dinner party in honor of him moving back to town.”


Anonymous said...

it's mothers like these....yikes!

Unknown said...

Wow. I really hope Roxanne can hold her own here. Daisy would make a scary MIL.

Lauri J Owen said...

Sounds like family troubles in store. Great six!

Casi said...

Well now. That's a family of strong females. I like it.

L. A. Green said...

Uncomfortable situation but I'm sure she'll handle herself well. That's some domineering mom.