Thursday, February 10, 2011


Morning!  I saw an interesting article in the newspaper the other day.  Basically, the gist of the story states that elderly couples still believe that meeting a person face to face is the only true way to find love and enjoy romance.

They fore go "virtual matchmaking" in lieu of checking out handwritten profiles of other single people attending dances, like the young lady above is doing.  There are a variety of places where singles go to meet, but the point is, they are doing it face to face.

Pretty interesting because they are really putting themselves out there.  Dating is awkward at any stage, but it takes a lot of character and inner strength to face possible rejection face to face.  I mean, if a person you meet online refuses to go have a cup of coffee or have dinner with you, there is no real personal connection there.  Right?   Would you have the guts to get out from behind your computer and use what social skills are at your disposal to get a date?   

I found the people interviewed for the article very charming and full of life.  I hope they find their own happily ever after.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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