Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, what happens when a series of unfortunate events assault you all at once?  It is like you are trapped in a giant snow globe,  its clear, glass walls surround you.  The solid footing you had in your life slips a bit as someone starts to shake the globe.  The first assault is small, barely perseptible.  Then as the globe is shaken harder and faster, the haze you find yourself in as you try to dig in your heels into the ground to keep from falling makes it nearly impossible to keep from toppling over.

How do you cope?  How do you shake a shroud of depression that can be almost overwhelming?  This is something that my character, Jett Avery struggles with.  Here's a small excerpt:

Jett slammed his fist into his pillow and turned on his side. Hell! He’d been over that night a million times. What was the point? A depressive fog threatened to descend, thick and heavy. An urge to burrow deep under the covers inundated him. The multitude of boxes from his recent move could wait.

Everything could wait.

The profound veil he’d staved off all week with his forced cheerfulness, pushed harder against his consciousness. He was tired. Tired of the front he portrayed, pretending he could still function normally. Maybe he should quit his job. That one night had changed his life forever. The dangers faced on a daily basis made each passing day more unbearable. It would be so easy to let go. Just let go and submerge himself in his own grief and loss.

So....what will happen to Jett?  Will he give up against the assault of shaking snow globe on his life? Or, will he find a way to stabilize the glass walls once more?

Happy Tuesday!!

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