Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Morning!  Like the new design of my blog?  My sister, Rebecca is an absolute genius! The theme is the same on my website.  I just need to figure out how to update the information on there. I especially love the script!

Okay, things to check off my "to do" list are the following:

-basics on the web design (Thanks to Becca)
-contest entries are judged and emailed off
-re-writes have begun on my Synopsis for Dating Impossible
-re-wrote another chapter on Dating 911
-I've kept up with the Six Sentence Sunday blogs for the last month.  THAT has been an absolute blast!
-For the most part, I've missed a couple of blog posts here and there due to eye doctor appointments, but I've been posting regularly on my blog
-I'm 35 days into exercising and eating right--Yeah for me!
-I've also scheduled my ACLS, PALS, and BLS re-certs for the first two weeks of March.
-Mandatory two hour neuro inservice is done!
-And last, but not least, I've renewed my nursing license!

Next up-I need to re-think my submission possibilities, since I just received a rejection letter for one of my wips.  So, it's time to get out the query letter and polish it up.

I was off Sunday and ended up sleeping the entire day away.  I did get up and go to the gym.  Had a bad headache in the evening and ended up not getting on the computer.  Went to bed because I was on call for work and ended up sleeping my entire Monday away, as well.  That, my friends, was a complete bummer.  I had things to do!  But as someone close to me said, "You needed the sleep!"  I guess so,  but that doesn't make it right. 

As you all get started on your lovely Tuesday morning, I will be crawling into bed...Have a fabulous day!


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