Thursday, February 17, 2011


First, I'd love to give a shout out to my son, Patrick.  He turns 11 years old today!  Happy Birthday, Baby! 

Given it was Valentine's Day earlier in the week, I thought this picture appropriate.  I have three real life experiences for you today posted on a website for nurses by nurses.  Funny little snippets I thought you would find entertaining... Enjoy!

1~As a student midwife a few years ago, it was my job to admit a woman who had been admitted to the delivery suite to be induced that morning.

As part of the admission process, it was neccessary to ask her if she understood why she had been admitted.

"Oh yes, nurse, " she replied earnestly. "I'm here to be seduced by the doctor . . . . ."

2~then, there was a young lady in the OB/GYN office for a routine exam and the physician inquired "are you sexually active?"

The lady replied "no, I usually just lay there"

3~I had to insert a foley catheter on a gentleman in his 70's. He had an enlarged prostate gland, and I ended up having to change tactics and insert a slightly smaller foley with much manipulation of the necessary parts. I was very relieved when the darn thing finally struck gold and urine pored out. Just as I gained success, the patient said "Well young lady, no matter how hard you yank at that thing, nothing is going to happen....and hasn't in years!

Have a great Thursday!!

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